Broken Heart Syndrome, Very Common In Women

Broken heart syndrome, very common in women

Losing a loved one or becoming deeply disappointed can literally break the heart. The name for this condition is Takotsubocardiomyopathy, or broken heart syndrome. It is a condition that deforms the heart. This painful and anything but poetic syndrome occurs mainly in women.

Currently, broken heart syndrome is not very well known. It is also not clear why 95 percent of diagnosed cases are women. But it is happening and we cannot close our eyes to a clear reality. Sometimes emotions affect the heart just like a relentless whiplash. They make you feel like you are going to die, although thankfully this usually doesn’t happen.

It is estimated that one to two percent of women who are diagnosed with a heart attack actually suffer from broken heart syndrome. It is a condition that can be clearly seen in diagnostic tests because the heart on the left side is temporarily malformed. This is the sign that tells you when the stress started to become toxic to the body. That pressure distorted the organ like a talented craftsman.

It is important to know the causes and learn a little more about Takotsubocardiomyopathy.

A Broken Heart Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart syndrome, when a metaphor becomes reality

If we could hear the sound of a broken heart, it would probably become a sad soundtrack that we would hear every day.  Many people have already experienced this feeling to some degree. But what causes Takotsubocardiomyopathy is more delicate, profound and complex.

When we talk about physical heart problems, we almost automatically associate them with men. That is for a very simple reason. Hormones protect a woman’s heart – to some extent – for most of her life. They make women more resistant, but not invulnerable. However, after menopause, this little protection disappears. The heart then becomes less resistant to stress and anxiety.

Enemies such as stress and anxiety can silently take over the mind and body. They weaken a person’s emotional building blocks. This happens until one day all you need is a disillusionment or some bad news to completely break down these building blocks. Suddenly a huge dose of catecholamines is released. These are components that resemble adrenaline. The heart rate skyrockets until it causes a minor damage or malformation  in the heart muscle.

Girl With A Heart On Her Sweater Suffering From Broken Heart Syndrome

The heart isn’t broken, but it doesn’t matter much. The metaphor becomes reality and you think you are going to die. The symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack, but patients are usually discharged from the hospital after three or four days. The heart shrinks and screams in silence, but it recovers. Treatment with beta-blockers is always effective and has no consequences. But no one can guarantee that you will never suffer from broken heart syndrome again.

Taking care of your heart means taking care of your emotions

As we mentioned at the outset, broken heart syndrome is not very well documented scientifically. It was first described in Japan in the 1990s.

The name refers to the swelling of the left ventricle, which resembles a trap called ‘ tako-tsubo’  . The Japanese use this trap to hunt octopus. It is also known to occur mainly during the spring and summer and in women who are already in menopause.

Woman Holding Her Hand On Her Chest Because She Suffers From Broken Heart Syndrome

Symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome

  • With Takotsubocardiomyopathy, there are no pre-noticeable symptoms. It occurs as a heart attack with the same intensity and pain.
  • It always affects people in a very stressful context, such as when they receive bad news or feel overwhelmed.
  • The symptoms include arrhythmia, heart failure, dizziness and severe devastating pressure on the chest.

Take care of your heart by controlling your emotions

In general, the female mind has a small flaw. It puts the feelings of others ahead of one’s own. In their desire to offer protection and attention, they focus all their energy on their family, their children, their partner… Little by little, their concerns and delicate feelings form a black hole that sooner or later implodes.

To prevent this from happening, consider the following for a moment:

  • Don’t let what worries you today wait until tomorrow. Emotions consume you day in and day out. Few exercises are as liberating as letting go of something that weighs heavily on you and drags you down. Give vent to something that’s burning you up inside.
  • You can’t fix everything around you and you shouldn’t. Trying to please everyone is a very destructive source of stress.
  • Broken heart syndrome often occurs after a hard emotional shock. Of course, no one can prepare for a loss, a breakup or a difficult disappointment.
  • What you can do, however, is build a good foundation within you so that the shock doesn’t break you. This means that you have to absorb the shock with flexible material that afterwards restores its original shape.

Give yourself time, do moderate exercises and practice yoga. Prioritize yourself as the most important person in your life. Make your heart your best weapon in those difficult times. In those environments, all you can do is pool your strengths and gain control over your happiness and inner peace. 

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