Believing In Ourselves Is A Matter Of Willpower

Believing in ourselves is a matter of willpower

If you don’t do it, nobody will. Believing in yourself is not a matter of pride but of dignity. We need to trust our own decisions, not be afraid of doing things wrong, and help ourselves get back up every time we fall. Believing in ourselves is loving ourselves bravely, knowing we deserve better.

Perhaps the statement “believe in yourself” only reminds you of self-help books. However, these three words are not just that popular. We need to hear them because it can be extremely difficult for a person to have faith in their own abilities and reach their potential.

If this is true for us, it is mainly because of the way we build our internal reality. Beginning when we are children, we form our self-image based on the stimuli we receive and how we interpret them. Depending on what others tell us or project onto us, our identity will be strong or weak.

Believing in ourselves is not easy and our environment does not have to help either. Trusting us isn’t easy when we focus more on our mistakes than on overcoming them. Projecting a strong, courageous sense of identity is difficult when we have been taught to focus much more on what others do, say, and think than what we do ourselves.

Believe in yourself: girl cherish her heart

We have to believe in ourselves

We are actually very unaware of our own thoughts, attitudes and reasoning. And this while they are what we are made of. They can limit us, or they can strengthen us. They will always ultimately affect how we feel and behave.

The art of believing in yourself is really an exercise in willpower. The will is almost like a muscle, which is trained by certain thoughts, and which is aimed at well-being and personal growth. However, and we know this well, it is not easy to think positively and confidently when we have low self-esteem and are constantly experiencing apathy and frustration.

It seems that our parents and schools have forgotten to teach us to believe in ourselves. They taught us to be just like everyone else instead. They taught us that ‘being normal’ means doing, thinking and acting the same as the people around us.

We are expected to dilute our individuality and make ourselves ‘ordinary’, nothing special. The reason for this is that being unique means being different. And people don’t like being ‘different’. It is disharmony in a world that fosters predictability.

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However, it is time to remember something that is actually very basic. We are not made on the assembly line, we are completely unique: exceptional and unrepeatable. Made with unique fingerprints, our own individual personality and physical characteristics that no one else has. We were born to leave our mark on this world and we can only do that if we believe in ourselves and in our own potential.

The psychology of the will: belief is power

Believing in yourself is something you have to practice. No one should leave their house in the morning without confidence and the belief that they can do anything. Looking at it from the psychology of will , here are some tips for doing just that:

Start with a clean slate

We do it with our devices and gadgets. There’s nothing like resetting a cell phone or computer to make it run faster and more effectively. However, we first need to know which files to keep and which ones to delete.

To believe in ourselves, we have to get rid of certain inherited attitudes. We are often our own worst enemies, underestimating ourselves and comparing ourselves to others. Let’s get rid of those useless perspectives and start with a clean slate.

We move mountains by carrying the small stones first

To achieve a goal, we must believe in ourselves. However, the psychology of the will reminds us that, as Confucius said, great achievements are achieved by first achieving small victories.

Therefore, before setting unattainable goals, we must work on small, daily challenges. They give us confidence and a more positive self-image. Let’s dare to make difficult decisions. It’s time to step out of our comfort zones. Let’s face our insecurities slowly but surely.

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Wherever you are, always be yourself

If you want to believe in yourself, be yourself. Wherever you go, do not lose your essence, do not forget your values ​​and passions. Be guided by your essence, every step you take. Don’t be afraid of what others may think. Always being yourself, wherever you are, isn’t always easy. We must therefore exercise our willpower with daily efforts. Only then can we become confident and self-aware.

Finally, while we can never control what life will bring us, we can control how we respond to it. If we believe in ourselves, it will be easier to face difficulties and the mountains to move will not be so high. Something to think about…

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