Being Alone: ​​a Basic Human Need

Spending time alone is fundamental to finding some balance. This is especially true during those periods when you feel overloaded. Research suggests that taking time for yourself can bring about important changes in your brain, thoughts and emotions.

One only has to be a fundamental human need. Yet most people place great value on social relationships. The latter does indeed contribute to well-being. However, the image of the lack of social contacts often seems frightening and worrying.

Nevertheless, some meditation practices involve spending some time alone. In some of those exercises, one of the “assignments” is to spend several days in complete seclusion and absolute silence without any contact with the outside world. Would you be able to do this?

Perhaps most people find it difficult. They are not used to such a low stimulation level. Separating yourself and not interacting with anyone for a while can be a real challenge. To do this successfully, you need some training.

You should also keep in mind that people who meditate often do this and claim that it has an amazing beneficial effect. Time well spent alone can be incredibly empowering.

Companionship can be overwhelming at times

Social relationships demand a lot from you. This is especially true if they are long lasting and very strong. Of course, they also give you a great sense of satisfaction. However, it is something in which you invest a lot of your time and energy. Sometimes this happens without you even realizing it.

You can then easily live your life for others. For your job, your partner, your family, your friends… There are many social environments in your life. Each setting has its own challenges. Often you get to the point where you can’t really tell where your personal space ends and where your relationships begin or vice versa.

Being alone for a while is a way to refocus your attention and energy on yourself. It’s a chance to be “selfish” without feeling guilty. This kind of space helps you find yourself again and get a sense of who you really are, without the influence of your ordinary life.

Being alone makes you more sensitive

In one way or another, loneliness also brings silence. There is a shift from the outer world to your inner world. When you stop using the part of the brain responsible for speech, other areas start working in a more intensive way.

In particular, there is evidence that your focus and attention improve enormously. During the time alone, your thoughts become sharper. Initially, your mind may wander. However, you will eventually learn to shape your thoughts.

If you spend some time alone for several days. you will notice that you become more sensitive. This means that you will begin to notice ideas and feelings that you were not aware of before. Being alone for a while is a great way to reawaken and reconnect with your inner dialogue.

The effects of being alone on the brain

Some studies claim that being alone and quiet can be good for the brain. Apparently it increases the gray matter. This leads to better processing of information.

This has a beneficial effect on your cognitive processes. When you return to your routine, you will realize that you learn and remember things more easily. You also get more out of any intellectual activity. So you will be more productive.

In addition, it is very likely that during the time you are alone, “eureka” moments (moments when you get a sudden flood of inspiration) will start to occur. In other words, spending time with yourself can make you more creative.

Things to take into account

Ideally, you should set aside at least 10 minutes each day to spend some time alone. This doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in a room. Actually, you should try to take this time and space to be with yourself. If you can’t do it every day, try it at least three times a week.

At times when you feel overloaded or overwhelmed, you may need more intense exercise. Experts suggest that you travel alone. That doesn’t have to be far away. However, it must be a space that allows change.

Most importantly, be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t done it before. All changes involve some degree of resistance. However, if you follow your instincts and spend some time with yourself, you will realize that it is really worth it.

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