All Emotions Are Acceptable But Not Every Behavior Is Acceptable

All emotions are acceptable but not every behavior is acceptable

We all have the right to feel all kinds of emotions. We have all experienced things that make us feel certain things in our bodies and minds. Any emotion we experience is acceptable. What we cannot accept, however, is any behavior that results from these emotions. All emotions are acceptable, but not every behavior is acceptable.

Our job is to identify our emotions. Recognize your emotions before they overwhelm you and get out of hand. Herein lies the importance of knowing how to release them properly. It’s a way of not hurting anyone but allowing you to express what you feel, control it and give it a way out.

Sometimes emotions arise in us without warning. Almost automatically we feel rage. That doesn’t mean it’s something bad or that you shouldn’t feel it. However, it’s something completely different when you let the frenzy take over.

Feeling means we are alive. Experiencing emotions means that we find something important. All emotions are acceptable. However, once our emotions take over and let us speak without thinking first, they lose their positive power. At the same time, all actions that result from it lose their value.

Can we control our emotions

Can we control our emotions?

Some emotions occur without us even noticing. They appear almost automatically and immediately after whatever provokes them. We give an example. You see how someone follows you in a dark alley and fear arises. You get a gift and you feel happy.

The way you speak—actually the way you think—is fueled by what you feel. Speaking also makes you dissect the situation. Let’s continue with the example. So you walk in that dark alley and you see someone behind you. You calm your fear by telling yourself it’s just someone who lives in the building ahead. The opposite will happen if you think they are following you at close range with a weapon to ambush you.

Your reactions depend on your thoughts

Emotions can therefore occur immediately. However, your reactions depend on your thoughts. Take the time to analyze what you’re feeling and why. Give some space to the emotions and control your thoughts. Then you will create a direct link between the emotions and your actions. In your ability to consider and think for a moment before reacting, you can find strength.

Not every behavior is justifiable

Perhaps the problem lies in the idea that you have the right to act as you please just because you feel something. However, that is not true. Your freedom to act ends where another individual’s freedom begins. So no emotion can be a justification for violating someone else’s rights. The power of your freedom also resides in the control you have over your actions.

Channel your emotions

All emotions are acceptable: it’s up to you to channel them

You can feel anger and that is acceptable. You may feel resentful and that’s okay. However, it will never be acceptable to harm others out of fear or hatred unless it was clearly in self-defense.

So it is your duty to learn how to channel your negative emotions. Learn how to express them in a way that is good for everyone and that lets you express what you feel. You can find the power within you. In you you will discover how to direct everything within. You are free to feel and revel in all your emotions. All emotions are acceptable. However, you are also responsible for what you do because of those emotions. 

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