A Short Film That Helps You See Your Shortcomings As Virtues

A short film that helps you see your shortcomings as virtues

They say that the great classics and great works of art are so wonderful because they can be interpreted in different ways depending on who beholds them. And while you may interpret this short film very differently than I do, today I want to share with you what it aroused in me.

Maybe you are tired of your life, tired, bored and exhausted. Nothing actually satisfies you and your existence seems to have lost all its meaning. Nothing brings you fulfillment and just when you think something will give you back your hope, you realize that it wasn’t what you expected it to be either.

You have all kinds of complexes, and every day the burden they form becomes heavier to bear. You might even say that you don’t actually like yourself, inside and out. It even seems ideal to you not to have to be yourself at all, to be able to change and polish everything that you consider to be ‘shortcomings’. If someone asked you to describe yourself, you would probably only use negative words, and sometimes you may not even be able to find the words to describe yourself…

You are tired of looking for things that will give you back your smile, motivate you or bring you happiness. When finally despair strikes you realize that this life may not be for you. And that’s how you behave, as if you don’t have the right to enjoy and be happy.

This is how Anton feels, the protagonist of our story. Tired, exhausted and overwhelmed by his ‘complexes’ and ‘shortcomings’, he makes the drastic decision to end his suffering and thereby change his existence.

The Character Anton Who Only Sees His Shortcomings

When we look at ourselves and see all shortcomings

Anton is fed up and has decided to disappear by ending his existence. In this way, his fears will remain hidden, he will not have to see his shortcomings and not notice his limitations…

Sometimes, even though we don’t make the same drastic decision as Anton, we decide to become blind to ourselves and go through life without paying attention to ourselves. “I don’t like this about myself, so I’m not looking at that.”, “I’m bad at this, so I’ll ignore this.” To the point where we almost don’t know ourselves at all.

The opposite can also be the case. Perhaps we are so preoccupied with ourselves that we only notice our shortcomings or things we don’t excel at. Be that as it may, we don’t recognize ourselves. We think that being flawed is the only thing we are good at and that there is no way to change it. We sabotage ourselves, and when we look at ourselves we see shortcomings aplenty.

The Character Anton Who Only Sees His Shortcomings

Happiness is an attitude we are born with

We buy things, become addicted to desires, idealize our future and the people around us. We believe that if we achieve what we set out to achieve, we will be happy. But that long-awaited happiness never comes, why? Because happiness is an attitude that can only be developed from within.

Happiness is not achieved by what we buy, the goals we achieve or by being with someone we love. We could have all this and still not be happy. Happiness is an attitude and, as such, we can all learn it, but always and only by developing it from within.

I know people who are not exactly pretty, successful, rich or perfect, but who are really happy. Happy people have become happy not from having and achieving, but from being, appreciation and gratitude for all that life offers them. You can see it in their eyes. They have decided to be happy, to develop self-acceptance and self-love.

Every shortcoming is a virtue somewhere

Happy people are happy not because they have no flaws, but because they have been able to discover the greatness that is present in each of them. They have stopped comparing ourselves to others because they have understood that comparing ourselves is not good, as each of us has experienced our own things, has our own way of being, and relates to the world in our own particular way.

The Character Anton Who Only Sees His Shortcomings

You might be a little taller, I might be a little shorter, he’s very shy and she’s quite vocal. The bottom line is that our “flaws” don’t make us better or worse as humans. They make us who we are. Every flaw is a virtue somewhere. Up to you to find out where.

Perhaps speaking is not your forte, but you can express yourself beautifully in writing. Or maybe you don’t like art at all, but you are a natural in sports… Have you discovered your true potential yet? Anton seems to discover his by accident at the end of the story…

Believe me, our journey of self-discovery never comes to an end. There are so many secrets in us and in our lives that we don’t even know exist. But one day they will appear or you will find them. The fundamental condition is that we begin to love ourselves.

Remember: there is no one like you, you are the only version of you that exists. So, discover yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself. You will never be the same again.

If we change our attitude, stop comparing and start loving ourselves and try to learn a lesson from every circumstance, the fatigue and reluctance will disappear. Don’t be like Anton, don’t wait until it’s too late. Because there is nothing more beautiful than starting to develop yourself from within and observe how your vision of everything around you changes.

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