5 Signs Of Emotional Poisoning

5 Signs of Emotional Poisoning

Emotional poisoning occurs when personal conflicts and emotions directly affect our physical and psychological well-being. Emotional poisoning is manifested by symptoms such as irritability, depression, emotional instability and fatigue.

While many triggers exist, the underlying cause of emotional poisoning is the inability to set aside time to cultivate our inner life. 

How do I know if I’ve been poisoned?

You may be experiencing emotional poisoning without realizing it. To find out if you’re emotionally poisoned, you need to pay close attention to certain behavioral patterns —things you do, despite the fact that they’re bad for you.

If you exhibit one or more of these behaviors, you may be emotionally poisoned:

1. You are defensive

A person who is emotionally poisoned is in a self-protection mode and constantly interprets the actions or words of others as attacks.

When you’re poisoned, your insecurities define your life. You adopt a wait-and-see attitude and often defend yourself. Your self-confidence is completely reduced and everything makes you feel vulnerable. 

You block the positive and selectively focus on the negative. This often causes you to twist the words or actions of others, aggressively trying to protect yourself from the potential harm that your emotions are wary of. 


2. You are overly critical

When people are emotionally poisoned, they impose a barrier of intransigence on themselves. They are way too hard on others and themselves.

If you’ve been poisoned, it’s likely that due to your tendency to have everything under control, you’re too demanding on yourself and won’t allow yourself even the slightest wiggle room. Try to be kind to yourself and others.


3. You feel emotionally closed off

When we are emotionally poisoned, we choose to shield our emotions and protect ourselves from our own feelings. 

This is why a person who is overwhelmed by their own feelings shuts down and shuts down. If you’ve shut down emotionally, you don’t feel able to fix your life in any way. When our brains are flooded with our emotions, we cannot think or act clearly and effectively.


4. You are aggressive towards others

Emotionally poisoned people can become aggressive and dangerous. Due to the emotional block, they cannot react clearly, nor are they able to rationally judge the people around them. In addition, it becomes difficult for them to feel empathy for others.

This aggressive outward attitude is really a by-product of the condemnation and guilt emotionally poisoned people feel towards themselves. They project their fears and frustrations onto others as a way to escape and be free from themselves.


5. You’re sabotaging yourself

Getting through life can be difficult for people who are poisoned by their emotions. They fear success because they cannot deal with uncertainty.  Emotionally poisoned people don’t believe in their own ability to handle whatever life throws their way.

Everything has to be locked and locked again and tested a thousand times. If you are emotionally poisoned, remember that there is only one person in this world who can stop you from getting far in life and that person is you.


What can I do if I am emotionally poisoned?

We need time to detox. Just like when you drink too much alcohol, you will experience a hangover. Emotional hangovers cause guilt, constant anger, difficulty sleeping, and sadness. 

But don’t worry, identifying your behavior and emotions is the first step to healing. Now that you know this, you can put your tendency to have too many negative emotions behind you and begin a much-needed process of emotional cleansing. The symptoms will disappear and your feelings will realign with reality. 

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