4 Quotes From Carl Jung On Personal Growth

4 quotes from Carl Jung about personal growth

Talking about Carl Jung is not an easy task as some of his thoughts are so deep and complex. With his introspective skills, he was able to shine a light on the other lost souls in the world so that they could find themselves. So he brought light to human knowledge and spoke frankly about the points he deemed necessary to dig deep into our own psychology. As a result, we have many of Jung’s great beliefs about personal growth today.

So in this article  we are going to summarize some of the ideas that Jung formulated. Ideas that often resonate like mantras within ourselves. Revolutionary thoughts that, if interpreted correctly, can bring about real changes.

Jung on personal growth through experiencing the ‘unlived life’

In reality… we all have desires, desires, motivations and an immense potential to be discovered. Often, however, we end up in a life that doesn’t really suit us. Our inner being is screaming and no one is listening. It feels uncomfortable and it fights, but in the end you accept a fate that is different from what you were looking for.

Sometimes we lead a life that doesn’t suit us. In a way that doesn’t make sense or just isn’t a good fit. The lack of authenticity and honesty with ourselves takes its toll on our bodies and minds. Not living authentically has repercussions on your body and your experiences will show it to you in a short time.

Jung on personal growth by fighting projection

Again, projections improve our self-knowledge. When we project we create the opportunity to see clearly in someone else what we cannot see in ourselves. What we don’t want to see… the paradox is often that we are unable to admit it even in front of that mirror.

Projections can be made about the things we hate in someone else or what we value in others. But we don’t see it in ourselves. When you realize that you are completely annoyed by something that never makes a difference to you,  take a moment to consider if it might be something to do with what you hate about yourself but don’t want to accept.

It’s not about self-loathing, Jung didn’t want to go that far. It’s about understanding our own dark sides and accepting them in order to change them. If not, we will always project what we don’t accept from ourselves onto someone else. And so we will be condemned again to a life of self-deception and falsehood.

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We grow when we pursue what we fear

All the lessons you will learn in your life will repeat themselves until you learn how to deal with them and how to incorporate them into the knowledge you accumulate about yourself and about the world. You’ve run into the same kind of people who hurt you so many times, but  you keep taking on impossible tasks. And how many times have you been hesitant to accept your shadows?

You pile them up in a box you don’t want to see. But they are still there and the more effort you put into hiding your true nature, the stronger it will work its way to the surface. In an uncontrolled and unexpected way because  by trying to cover it with a sheet, you have given up that control.

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Jung on personal growth through acknowledging our emotions

Because how else will you know why she has appeared…? If we don’t allow these unexpected guests to our table and listen to them, we’ll never understand why they showed up. Emotions must cling to a feeling in order to exist. They appear for a specific reason. Something has to be seen, heard and accepted in order to change. Living with our backs turned to ourselves doesn’t do much for us. It won’t be long before unpleasant and difficult to control feelings start to appear.

These are definitely quotes that resonate in you. Each one of them invites us to be authentic, not to cover up what is ours, to listen to what life has to tell us and not turn our backs on it. To respect ourselves and others without unfairly burdening them with something that doesn’t belong to them. Thank you, Jung, for this legacy you left behind. It helps all of us with our personal growth process. A process that, in any case, never pauses or ends. 

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