10 Ways To Give Yourself The Priority You Deserve

10 ways to prioritize yourself you deserve

We lead hectic lives that make it difficult to make taking care of ourselves a priority. Everything seems designed to give priority to everyone. Work, family, friendships and volunteering, plus the general social obligations that are imposed and that we have imposed on ourselves – all these things make us forget about ourselves.

Often we even feel guilty for wanting to make time for ourselves. We feel we have no right to do that. But it’s actually the opposite. Spending time on yourself gives you energy and clarity in your mind and allows you to find more meaning and happiness in what you do.

Spending time on yourself will help you feel better, which is essential if we want to be our best and do our best for others.

How to prioritize yourself

Do not feel guilty. Start taking care of yourself. Below we give you a few ways to prioritize yourself. Doing so doesn’t mean neglecting others, it just means allowing yourself to become a better version of yourself so that you can do more for others.


1. Remember Your Needs Matter

If your needs aren’t a priority for you, they won’t be for anyone else. You must understand these needs and actively strive for the best way to satisfy them.

2. Evaluate the aspects of your life that are causing your stress and think about what they are worth to you

Ask yourself if it really matters, if it’s worth the stress it causes. You also need to find out if it’s you who is stressing yourself out with your attitude and if so, find a way to change things. Either way, look for the best way to manage the stress so that it doesn’t negatively affect your actions toward others.

3. Make time for yourself every day, to relax, be alone or do whatever you want

It’s easy to forget your needs when you’re in action and noise all day, when there’s always something that requires your presence,  but you need time to breathe without all that pressure.

4. Drop the blame

And don’t explain to begin with. You don’t have to give it, you don’t have to justify yourself. If someone doesn’t understand, that’s not your problem unless you’re playing a game.

5. Understand that you have a right to take care of yourself

Understand this and also understand that the better you feel, the more useful you will be to others.

6. Take the time to do things that make you feel better about yourself

Do things that make you feel safer and stronger, that remind you how important you are. Exercise, take care of your body, take the time to read, eat well, sleep well.

7. Embrace your emotions

Don’t deny yourself the possibility of feeling pain. Don’t suppress your pain, as if all your problems would just disappear. Suppressing your feelings only leads to undermining your happiness. You have to accept and understand your feelings and emotions.

8. Recognize and appreciate the people who are positive and uplifting in your life

Show commitment to them.  These people will help you find yourself and they will support you in the process of personal growth that you always need.

9. Find the Balance

Understand the difference between what you can and cannot change and learn to let go of the things you cannot change. Every day you will find something new that you like and something that you can change to make life better.

10. Concentrate on what you can control

Remember that there are only three things in life that you can control: what you think, what you say and what you do. Realize that and act upon it. Don’t be treated like a puppet and be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

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